LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71032 Series 22 legs now available on Bricks and Pieces

The dual-moulded legs from 71032 Series 22 are available now on Bricks and Pieces, ready to outfit your Star Wars, DC or any other minifigures.

71032 Series 22 is the most recent bling-bagged minifigure collection available now in-stores and online and we’ve already reported how a pair of LEGO legs in the Collectible Minifigure series can augment your Star Wars Rebel Troopers, but the mysterious nature of the packaging may have made that goal difficult in the long term.

Thankfully for anyone hoping to outfit their army with pairs of black boots, 71032 Series 22 has been added to Bricks and Pieces with the grey and black legs, allowing you to order them individually without the rest of the racoon minifigure elements. To find them, just search for 71032 Series 22 and scroll down until you see the legs and add them to your order.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel minifigure LEGO 71032 Collectible Minifigures Series 22 4

The piece might be useful to anyone hoping to add boots to another character too, such as a classic Batman minifigure. Other bricks added to the service included the white fur collar and a drill. However, none of the unique parts are available to order.

Those aiming to order a few legs for their Rebel Trooper or Batman minifigures might want to do so before an upcoming merger of Bricks and Pieces and Pick a Brick as there is no confirmation on what changes will be made when Bricks and Pieces transitions to Pick and Build.

You can read our full review of all 12 minifigures in 71032 Series 22, with pictures of each, to see what other elements or characters you might want to purchase.

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