LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon – discounted but never discredited

After five years on shelves and with a healthy Black Friday discount, it’s time to consider if UCS 75192 Millennium Falcon is still the best LEGO Star Wars set.

Well yes, of course it is. We’ve considered it and there’s no other answer. It is still the best and stands likely to be the best for a good few years to come too. Even though this behemoth of a LEGO set has been overtaken a handful of times now for the title of largest LEGO set ever, and indeed most expensive, and even though it has sat on shelves for half a decade at this point, there is still no beating the utterly comprehensive LEGO Star Wars experience that 75192 Millennium Falcon offers.

Zavvi currently have the Falcon on offer this Black Friday at £599.99 in the UK (almost 20% off) and $669.99 in the US (an even better 22% off!) and were kind enough to send us a copy of the set so we could experience everything we love about it yet again.

And experience it again we have, building as fast as we could through its 7,541 pieces. Since first putting together 75192 Millennium Falcon five years back, there have been any number of equally large and impressive LEGO sets released, but few have been able to offer the quite unique step-by-step build experience of 75192. 

Consider repetitive monsters such as 10276 Colosseum or 10307 Eiffel Tower, or even 31023 World Map or the four-legged UCS 75313 AT-AT. These gigantic sets have all suffered in part or in whole for tedious build experiences (AT-AT does get good after the legs though). Our recent review of 10307 Eiffel Tower celebrated the iconic nature of the completed build, but only with acknowledgement to some sore fingertips and jaded eyes after building hundreds of the same cross-section piece…

For the asymmetrical and truly iconic design of the Millennium Falcon, though, 75192 is able to successfully navigate the risk of such an issue almost effortlessly – of course at this scale the design team will have thrown in every detail and function quite possible (complete with a spacious, play-friendly interior), but this is a set that benefits just as much from its unusually-designed source material.

It may take hours and hours to put together, but it’s a journey to experience and savour because every step is different and keeps you hooked in a way few others in the supermassive-LEGO-set-sphere can.

Once complete too, 75192 Millennium Falcon just demands your full attention, covered as it is from head to toe in detailed greebling, authentic to how it looked on screens in two different Star Wars trilogies. This LEGO ship remains masterful in design and on display and, as we have celebrated before, from any angle too. Everything that is recognisable, spectacular and eye-catching to the ship we all fell in love with when we first experienced Star Wars is brilliantly captured in this LEGO model, and in a way that continues to offer further appreciation for exactly what is possible with the LEGO brick.

LEGO Star Wars is an unwieldy and quite overwhelming theme to get into, some 23 years into its existence, but if there’s any choice on the best place to start your collection, or where best to give you that complete, authentic and quite amazing LEGO Star Wars experience, from build to finished model, there’s still – even five years after it first released – nowhere better to enjoy everything great about this theme than with its flagship set, 75192 Millennium Falcon.

Zavvi very kindly sent us 75192 Millennium Falcon for editorial purposes, but the over-the-top praise for this set remains all our own words. 

75192 Millennium Falcon is currently part of Zavvi’s LEGO Black Friday deals, reduced down to £599.99 for UK customers and $669.99 for US customers, whilst stocks last. Check out a full list of Zavvi LEGO deals, curated by Brick Fanatics, by clicking here.

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