LEGO 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions sticker and piece messages

There are many unique messages represented on the stickers and pieces included with LEGO 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions.

LEGO Chinese New Year sets often include unique printed parts and stickers and 80108 Lunar New Year traditions is no exception. In fact, the 1,066-piece set is bursting with all sorts of colourful messages, meanings and symbols, but if you can’t read Chinese text, we’re here to help interpret everything for you.

Flat 2×4 tile

80108 Bringing in wealth and treasures

Bright red piece with text that reads ‘Bringing in wealth and treasures’.

Flat 1×4 tiles and 1×3 tile

80108 Jade Tiger welcoming the Spring with hundred businesses booming

One 1×4 tile has a ‘Jade Tiger welcoming the Spring with hundred businesses booming’ print, the other features the message, ‘Golden Ox leaving the year with thousand granaries full’ and the 1×3 tile’s text translates as, ‘Great Fortune in the Year of the Tiger’.

Flat 1×2 tile

80108 Good Fortune

There are eight of these red envelope pieces that feature ‘Good fortune’ printed on them.

8×8 round plate

80108 Welcoming the new Spring with joy

This red piece has a Tiger head print on it and the messages, ‘Welcoming the new Spring with joy’ and ‘Reuniting the whole family’.

Sticker 4

80108 Tiger good fortune

The tiger is holding the Chinese character for good fortune.

Sticker 5

80108 Seafood

The text reads ‘Seafood’ and uses a stylised graphic of a fish.

Sticker 7

80108 Arrive

The message says, ‘good fortune’, but it’s upside down and looks similar to the word, ‘arrive’. In traditional Chinese culture, people put this symbol upside down in their houses as a welcome blessing.

Sticker 9

80108 Flour Figure

This is a Flour Figure, traditional Chinese folk art.

Stickers 12 and 14

Translates as, ‘Removing the old and setting up the new’.

Stickers 13 and 16

The messages mean, ‘Shopping for New Year’.

Stickers 18 and 20

Reads, ‘Opening the doors to welcome the good fortune’.

Stickers 15 and 21

The text translates as, ‘Staying up for the Chinese New Year’s Eve’.

Stickers 17 and 22

These messages read, ‘Visiting relatives during Chinese New Year’.

Stickers 19 and 23

This translates as, ‘Happily welcoming the God of Wealth’.

LEGO 80108 Lunar New Year is available to purchase now, priced at £59.99 / $79.99 / €69.99.

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