LEGO 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V reimagined as SpaceX starship

A LEGO builder has updated 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V to reflect a modern, upcoming mission by taking direct inspiration from SpaceX’s lunar starship. 

Whilst the original build for LEGO Ideas 92176 Apollo Saturn V is based on the iconic mission which saw astronauts first set foot on the moon, a future journey to the distant location has inspired another model for the set. 

Reddit user DOM72616 posted the creation to a SpaceX subreddit, where they explained that the alternate build depicts the company’s Starship HLS. This particular spacecraft is from an upcoming mission where NASA is tasking SpaceX to tackle the challenge of returning people to the moon. 

The build itself is made up only of bricks provided by 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V and is significantly shorter in size than the set. However, it still manages to retain an appropriate amount of detail that captures the important aspects of the starship, such as the exterior viewport towards the top of the craft. 

This isn’t the first time that builders have shown their love of the space exploration company with numerous LEGO Ideas projects rocketing into various review stages. The most recent of these was based on a rocket that aims to take humans to Mars and beyond. 

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