LEGO Art 31203 World Map is hiding a cultural secret

A builder has spotted a cultural Easter egg within the biggest

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set yet, , as teased by Fiorella Groves in the designer video.


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designer video for featured Fiorella Groves hinting at a hidden reference within the set that only she knew about. Well, it would appear that a builder from The Brothers Brick Facebook has found the Easter egg.

“There is an Easter egg in there, I won’t tell you where it is,” teased Fiorella in the video. “But I can tell you that this Easter egg means a lot to me, I’m from Hong Kong originally and I speak Cantonese and my Chinese culture means a lot to me growing up in London.”

LEGO 31203 World Map character

From that slither of information, Carl Gomberg was able to find a Chinese character hidden within the pacific ocean, which uses the green bricks to contrast slightly against the blue, leaving a distinct shape. That character translates to “Li”, which in turn sounds like Lee, the designer’s middle name.

It’s a small touch that whilst not recognisable to most builders, will mean a lot to Fiorella Groves and is just a small example of how the LEGO employees like to leave their mark on the sets they make.

LEGO Art 31203 World Map is available now with 11,695 pieces for £229.99 / $249.99 / €249.99.

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