LEGO at San Diego Comic Con Round Up

The pop culture behemoth that is San Diego Comic Con took place last weekend, with plenty of LEGO content spread throughout the mammoth convention. With NINJAGO, NEXO KNIGHTS, Dimensions and of course the LEGO Batman Movie — along with show exclusives, there was plenty to for the Internet community to follow.

The most widely reported LEGO news from Comic Con has been the LEGO Batman Movie presence at the Warner Bros movie panel, including the new trailer that introduces Robin. Films That Rock shared this video from the panel.

The new raft of LEGO Dimensions packs were on display for the first time and available to try on the show floor. New properties being introduced include Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Adventure Time, Sonic and Gremlins.

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The raffle this year offered up two exclusive minifigures — ATOM and Steve Rogers Captain America, both destined to demand high prices on the secondary market thanks to minuscule production runs. The Brick Fan was able to obtain both and has shared images in a pair of reviews.


Despite years of ramping up the San Diego Comic Con exclusives, the LEGO Group presented only Super Heroes sets in the form of Brick Headz to buy. These can only pass as ‘exclusive’ in an early opportunity, logo on the box sense, as they will receive a wide release in 2017. Note that they don’t actually display the Super Heroes logo, suggesting that Brick Headz could be rolled out to other LEGO licences.

A review of the Iron Man and Captain America set is available at the Brick Fan.


Angus MacLane, designer of Cube Dudes (that had a Comic Con exclusive set of their own in 2010), Tweeted:

The LEGO NINJAGO panel saw the TV show team, including Tommy Andreasen, Kevin and Dan Hageman discuss the development of both the series and the products. The Brick Fan reported on the panel as part of the site’s Comic Con coverage. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS had a panel too, with set designers Mark Stafford and Samuel Johnson sharing a behind the scenes look at how the product line is created.


Finally, the Internet has been thoroughly freaked out by Frank Ippolito‘s Creepy Fig.




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