LEGO Batman Movie exclusive editions at Sainsbury’s and HMV

The LEGO Batman Movie has gone on sale today, available on a variety of formats including Blu-ray 3D and DVD – but if you want an extra special version of the movie, then Sainsbury’s and HMV are the places to head.


Sainsbury’s is the store with the bricks, as the exclusive DVD edition comes with an exclusive polybag, 30612 Batgirl. It’s disappointing news for those who want to watch the animated adventure in hi-def though, as there is no Blu-ray equivalent.


HMV has the obligatory steelbook edition for sale, bringing the 3D and regular Blu-ray together in a fancy case.

The regular editions of The LEGO Batman Movie – DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and 4K UltraHD, are all available to order from Amazon.


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