LEGO Batman promotes LEGO Planet Crew

Will Arnett’s Batman – well, more Alfred – of The LEGO Batman Movie stars in a video to promote the LEGO Group’s new umbrella term for sustainable initiatives, Planet Crew. The video highlights work that the company is doing with WWF and Unicef in order to promote play in developing countries and combat climate change worldwide.

One of the initiatives highlighted is in combination with Unicef, to draw up policies to protect children online.

In the company’s recent annual report, the LEGO Group announced the following progress towards the company’s sustainability goals:

The LEGO Group made a significant step to achieve its goal of balancing 100 percent of its global energy consumption with energy produced by its own renewable sources by 2020. In 2016, 90 percent of energy was balanced, and the company is on track to achieve its goal three years ahead of schedule.

Through its parent company KIRKBI A/S, it took its total investment in renewable energy to DKK 6 billion, with the announcement of the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm in the United Kingdom. It continued its partnership with the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers programme and met or exceeded all its targets, for example improving its energy efficiency by 13 percent between 2013 and 2016, against a target of 10 percent. However, for the full year of 2016, the Group did not meet its annual target on energy efficiency improvement.

The LEGO Group continued to make progress against its ambition to use only sustainable materials in its products by 2030. The Group began the design of its Sustainable Materials Centre dedicated to the project and in 2016 developed prototypes of next generation bricks made from sustainable sources.  In addition, 93 percent of all waste and 100 percent of all waste from brick production was recycled.


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