LEGO Batman Will Arnett and Joker Jared Leto trade trash talk

In interviews with Fandango over the past few days, LEGO Batman voice actor Will Arnett and Suicide Squad’s Joker, Jared Leto, have been trading trash talk. Will Arnett kicked things off by suggesting that LEGO Batman would defeat Leto’s Joker, and Entertainment Weekly have handily summarised the actors’ comments.

“He looks a little, kinda scrawny, doesn’t he?” he said in [a video interview with Fandango]. “Just kind of, like, skinny, just kind of like hipster — in a good way, by the way! It looks amazing. I’m just saying, in a fight.”


During a later interview with Leto to promote Suicide Squad, Smith asked the Oscar winner the same question. “Anytime you want to meet the Joker in a dark alley, bring your Legos,” he said.

The LEGO Batman Movie will be released next February, supported by enough product to fill a Batcave.


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