LEGO BIONICLE fans celebrate 20 years on #810NICLEDay

Today might not be the actual birthday of the theme, but LEGO BIONICLE fans are coming together to celebrate on #810NICLEDay.

For years, builders and designers have adopted 10 August as their day to celebrate the franchise, because when you write the day in the American style (8/10), you can use it to spell out BIONICLE Day (810NICLE DAY).

This year, today is extra special because LEGO BIONICLE has been around for 20 years. Around the world, fans have taken part in interactive games and challenges, as well as their best BIONICLE builds from the past.

Senior LEGO Designer Nick Vás has shared his own ideas about how to get involved with celebrating what he names his favourite LEGO theme.

Technically speaking, BIONICLE is only celebrating 20 years in the Americas, having launched in late 2000 in Europe and Australasia. Still, having two big birthdays and two celebrations is just what one of the LEGO Group’s most beloved franchises deserves.

Check out a past fan tribute to LEGO BIONICLE in honour of its 20th anniversary, or learn more about the ups and downs of the theme in the Bits N’ Bricks episode dedicated to LEGO BIONICLE games.

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