LEGO BIONICLE rumoured for another return in 2023

LEGO BIONICLE is rumoured for yet another return in 2023 as a promotional model is being reported for release next year. 

According to Instagram user brick_clicker, a promotional LEGO BIONICLE set is planned to launch in early 2023 by the rumoured name of 40580 Buildable Tahu Promo Set, likely depicting one of the original and most iconic Toa representing fire.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed by the LEGO Group and should be taken with caution, the theme is referenced in a 90th-anniversary model, featured as one of a few themes in 11021 90 Years of Play and received an official LEGO Ideas contest for the anniversary too. 

The rumoured set may only be a smaller model free with qualifying purchases judging by the promo set included in its reported name, though that’s not confirmed. Provided the information is accurate, the recent LEGO Marvel figures could offer us an idea of what to expect from a new generation of LEGO BIONICLE. 

While the previous BIONICLE theme reboot didn’t last as long as its predecessor, there is still a following for the theme online as evidenced by the production of a fan-made game.

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4 thoughts on “LEGO BIONICLE rumoured for another return in 2023

  • 04/10/2022 at 23:41

    after growing up playing with those myself and to this day I still play with them and if Bionicle returns I would be buying the sets of the others to although given the line of the original line of sets had different reboot sets as phantoka & mistika and returned as the master line and Uniter line of sets if it gets another reboot I’d like to see them being on another island with a different look with same names

  • 04/10/2022 at 10:07

    I’m writing a new Bionicle series

  • 04/10/2022 at 01:10

    Very interested if rumor holds true!


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