LEGO Boost announced as new robotics product

The LEGO Group are launching brand new product LEGO Boost at the CES event in Las Vegas. LEGO Boost is a programmable robotics kit that works with LEGO bricks, aiming to offer a Mindstorms product to a younger age range.

CNet report that motors and programmable bricks work with an app to build a selection of models, with instructions for five included in the $160 set. The instructions are included for Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, the Guitar 4000, the Multi-Tool Rover 4 (M.T.R.4), and the Autobuilder. Basic base instructions are included so that builders can then develop their own creations. Builds can be motion-sensitive and the app can record audio.

The recommended age range is seven plus. The set will include 843 pieces and a playmat.




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