LEGO brand gets top ranking in social influence

Recent analysis by an engagement firm have revealed that the LEGO brand is a ‘conversation commander’, with significant conversation online and offline about the brand.

Markets Insider reveals that the LEGO brand was ranked number one in the toy category, party thanks to ‘the brand’s exceptionally high offline sentiment score’.

Toymaker Lego’s ranking as the number one TotalSocial brand for the last 12 months coincided with a strong 2016, in which the company set a revenue record. In addition to its high sentiment score, Lego also has exceptionally strong online brand sharing for its category, indicating that consumers like to share branded content from Lego’s social media pages. This also contributes to their number one ranking for online volume.

Lego’s strong showing underscores how important it is for brands to understand what makes consumers talk offline versus what makes them talk online. The motivations that drive consumers to talk about brands face-to-face are quite different than the motivations that drive them to talk on social media,” Keller says. “Only by knowing how a brand behaves in both channels can marketers optimize their performance. Lego clearly understands the dynamics of consumer conversations about their brand.”

With the strong affinity that fans and parents have for the brand thanks to a perception of ethics and responsibility as well as inspiring creativity, the LEGO Group have plenty of goodwill to continue to capitalise on. With the consistent media presence, buoyed by the two movie releases this year, it is not a big surprise that LEGO would appear so prominently on such a list.


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