The LEGO brick patent turns 64 years old on International LEGO Day

It’s January 28, better known (for some) as International LEGO Day, which means today marks 64 years since the first patent was filed for the 2×4 LEGO brick.

That’s a pretty niche milestone to celebrate, given LEGO bricks actually first went on sale in 1949, but far be it from us to question a day geared around celebrating LEGO. Regardless, it’s now 64 years since Godtfred Kirk Christiansen – son of LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Christiansen – patented the 2×4 brick on January 28, 1958.

The origins of this holiday (if you can call it that) aren’t really clear, but in 2018 the LEGO Group decided to get in on the celebrations by launching 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick as a gift-with-purchase. The 421-piece set includes microscale builds of classic LEGO models, and can still be had for a very reasonable price on the aftermarket.

LEGO 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick

This year’s gifts-with-purchase aren’t as specifically tied to the company’s history, but they’re still worth a look: 40532 Vintage Taxi is available from today with purchases above £200 / $200 / €200, while 40491 Year of the Tiger is still available in the UK and Europe with a spend of £85 / $85 / €85. (And yes, that means you can double up if you buy enough bricks.)

Elsewhere, Zavvi will be celebrating International LEGO Day by hosting a pair of livestreamed shows, which will be co-hosted by Brick Fanatics YouTube Editor Matthew Loffhagen. The first one kicks off at 1pm UK time exclusively through the OOOOO app, so make sure to tune in for exclusive discounts on hard-to-find sets. Find out more by clicking here.

For now, happy LEGO day from everyone at Brick Fanatics. There’s never been a better time to break out the bricks and get building. (Check out our builds if you’re after some inspiration!)

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