LEGO BrickHeadz 2023 set listings include Star Wars and Disney

LEGO BrickHeadz 2023 set listings have appeared online, including caricatures for Star Wars, Disney and three for Minecraft

More 2023 LEGO set listings have been added to price comparison site brickmerge, reportedly detailing what’s to come from LEGO BrickHeadz in 2023. Previously, a trio of Minecraft BrickHeadz were listed though there are now nine others accompanying them. 

Note that these listings have not been confirmed officially by the LEGO Group and so should still be taken with caution just in case. According to the site, LEGO BrickHeadz is getting at least 12 new models in 2023 covering at least three themes. 

We’ve summarised the listings in the table below: 

Set namePiecesRelease date
40615 Star WarsTBCJanuary 2023
40619 DisneyTBCMarch 2023
40620 DisneyTBCMarch 2023
40621 DisneyTBCMarch 2023
40622 DisneyTBCFebruary 2023
40623 Star WarsTBCMay 2023
40624 Alex86April 2023
40625 Llama100April 2023
40626 Zombie81April 2023
40630TBCJanuary 2023
40631TBCJanuary 2023
40632TBCJanuary 2023

Four of these are named as Disney BrickHeadz and 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the company, so it could be that they will tie in with the celebrations as a rumoured Collectible Minifigures series is reported to. 

Two others are listed as Star Wars BrickHeadz, following 40547 Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader earlier in 2022. 

Other listings for reported 2023 sets are available on brickmerge too and we’ve gathered them into one list that you can read by clicking here

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One thought on “LEGO BrickHeadz 2023 set listings include Star Wars and Disney

  • 28/08/2022 at 18:15

    When will the BrickHeadz nightmare end? All they do is sit unsold on store shelves.


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