LEGO Bricktober 5005256 Marvel Super Heroes minifigures may not be released in the USA

The story of the LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigure sets continues to confuse, with 5005256 Marvel Super Heroes minifigures seemingly not coming to the USA.

It is reported by the Brick Fan that LEGO Bricktober 5005256 Marvel Super Heroes minifigures, available at Toys R Us Canada, may not be available in any capacity in the USA. That is despite 5005257 NINJAGO minifigures being made available a LEGO Stores in the USA and 5005254 Harry Potter minifigures being made available at Barnes & Noble.

Earlier this year, four LEGO Bricktober sets – 5005254 Harry Potter minifigures, 5005255 Jurassic World minifigures, 5005256 Marvel Super Heroes minifigures and 5005257 NINJAGO minifigures – were revealed. Intended as Toy R Us exclusives before the chain collapsed, they were still made available through the retailer, which survived in Germany.

LEGO Bricktober NINJAGO featured 800 445

Brick Fanatics then received word that the sets would be coming through LEGO Stores and, only for 5005257 NINJAGO minifigures to be briefly released at LEGO Stores in the USA only.

Fans also struggled to acquire 5005254 Harry Potter minifigures, with some claiming to have purchased the set for $7.99, only for Barnes & Noble to deny this happening. It was later made available as a gift with purchase freebie.

Now it seems that each set is being made available in a different way through a different retailer, with no guarantee that each one will be available worldwide, leading to frustration for collectors.

The LEGO Group has made no announcement on how fans should expect to be able to get the Bricktober sets, aside from 5005257 NINJAGO minifigures in the US.

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