New LEGO Build a Minifigure February 2022 characters available now

Three new Build a Minifigure characters are now available to pick up in LEGO Stores, including a Valentine’s Day bear costume guy.

The dark pink/magenta bear comes holding a heart tile and is one of three new characters just released into the Build a Minifigure towers inside LEGO Stores (at least in the UK).

The others now available are a pink fairy girl complete with pink-coloured hair and unique wings, and a chick costume boy in the cutest dark yellow Easter-themed outfit.

Characters from the Build a Minifigure station now retail at £5.99 for a pack of three.

The pink fairy girl’s wings, it should be noted, are too heavy for her to stand up unaided – only through the magic of photography skills (Blu Tack) did we get her to stand up.

New characters with exclusive parts have been appearing in the Build a Minifigure tower in LEGO Stores for a good while now, including LEGO brick-costumed people and Christmas and Halloween-themed characters.

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