LEGO Builder’s Journey soundtrack available now

The soundtrack for the mobile game LEGO Builder’s Journey has been released today.

Builder’s Journey launched last December exclusively on Apple Arcade and is all about solving puzzles using LEGO bricks. Some of the puzzles have multiple solutions, allowing the player to use their creativity, others have more specific solutions that the player must figure out.

The game takes a different approach to building than other LEGO games, with an entirey unique atmosphere. The soundtrack is a big part of that and it is available to buy now.

LEGO Builders Journey soundtrack

“I started developing themes based on the characters and the storyline. We had a very close collaboration exchanging music and visual content from the very beginning. The absence of dialogue in the game made it important to write themes that could help the narrative and set the tone for each level,” says Henrik Lindstran, the accomplished compose who scored the game.

“It was challenging as this was my first experience as a game composer. I think my background as a film composer helped when it came to storytelling. It was also important for me that the music was able to stand alone, not only being a wall of anonymous background music. I decided to stick to the same set of rules I have for my solo albums so far; only to use piano/grand piano as sound sources.”

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