New LEGO Daily Builds Calendar will keep the creative juices flowing

With Christmas approaching, you’ve probably got your Advent Calendar ready, but here’s one that’ll see you through to Christmas 2023.

A new calendar has just appeared on the official site and no, it’s not another Advent Calendar. The 2023 Daily Builds is a paper, one-page-a-day affair like so many others that are available. But this is designed to appeal to the free builder in us all, and to encourage the ‘I only build according to the instructions‘ types to step out of their comfort zones.

Unlike the advent calendars, which give you a micro-build each day in the run up to the 25th, there are no LEGO bricks in this calendar, just a year’s worth of challenges for you to complete. It’s difficult to say what those challenges are until we get our hands on one, but from the images on the website, the January 4th challenge is “Use all the bricks from yesterday’s build to create something that balances on only one stud.”

A bit more out of the box than “Build a car” or ‘Create a house”.

This strikes us as a really cool idea. It’s very easy to fall into a pattern of building the same types of things or, as mentioned, just build sets according to the instructions and not simply build just for the joy of it. This will give you a gentle nudge to pick up some bricks each day and spend a few minutes puzzling out a solution to the challenge.

And who doesn’t want an excuse to build with LEGO every day?

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