LEGO updates AtoZofAwesome to celebrate Coming Out Day

October 11 is Coming Out Day, and LEGO has updated its AtoZofAwesome with some great new creative builds to celebrate.

The LEGO Group created its AtoZofAwesome to celebrate Pride Month, and asked builders to create designs to celebrate it. Initially the challenge was to create an alphabet, and it’s grown from there. People can build words from the custom alphabet, or simply design their own. Others build models or dioramas, often with a rainbow theme which symbolises the LGBTQIA+ community.

As October 11 is National Coming Out Day, the LEGO Group has updated its A to Z with some new builds. Dave has created a diorama of a cottage with a picket fence, which is covered with a rainbow of flowers.

ComingOutDay 1

Elizabeth designed a castle which morphs from a grey half, with rainclouds, to a rainbow-coloured half, complete with the sun shining and birds singing, to recognise ‘When I gave myself permission to be who I am, it was as if the sun suddenly came out and the birds began singing.’ 


Meanwhile, River created a multi-room build, with the trans flag and a huge rainbow heart. It has two minifigures, representing their adult self reaching down to help their child self.


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One thought on “LEGO updates AtoZofAwesome to celebrate Coming Out Day

  • 11/10/2022 at 19:16

    really, this what Lego is doing now. Among other reasons, the Lego group is really falling apart.


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