LEGO Christmas GWP 40565 Santa’s Workshop, qualifying details confirmed

Details have emerged of the availability and purchase threshold for the latest LEGO Christmas GWP, 40565 Santa’s Workshop.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, Santa’s Workshop is all systems go. It’s also the latest in a line of seasonal GWPs, and details of how you can pick one up have just been announced. The 329 piece set will be available with orders placed at between December 1 and December 24. You’ll need to spend £150 / $150 / €150 to qualify though.

The set, built on a 12 x 14 base, depicts Santa’s Workshop in full flow. The front of the set has the appearance of a barn, with two large, opening doors. The side wall has a toy conveyer belt which leads outside. The other two sides of the build are open to leave the workshop on display, while there is the ‘suggestion’ of a roof.

The set can connect to 40564 Winter Elves Scene, and if you do, then the front becomes the side and the side becomes the back. The model comes with two minifigures, Santa (obviously) and an Elf in a green outfit.

Image: Brickset

At £150 / $150 / €150 to qualify, it’s a fairly steep price given that many potential LEGO buyers will have been ordering sets over Black Friday and Cyber Monday to pick up other rewards. Unless you’ve got a very long wish list, very deep pockets or some combination of the two, you may find that the run up to Christmas 2022 is quite expensive.

Having said that, it’s a fun, detailed set, so if you have managed your LEGO purchasing schedule carefully, then this will be a nice addition to any substantial Christmas order.

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