LEGO City 5004940 Bricktober minifigure pack review

The Bricktober minifigure packs are back, with each set centred around a different

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theme – how does the City pack shape up?

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Toys R Us currently have four exclusive Bricktober sets available in a similar style to the 2016 packs, but with each one centred around a specific theme. This pack is based on the

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Group’s evergreen best-selling theme, LEGO City.

The LEGO City pack includes an interesting mix of minifigures inspired by the recent Jungle subtheme, that sees scientists and adventurous types exploring in the depths of the nature. Two explorers, a scientist and a mechanic make up this set.

The female explorer comes with the excellent new compass tile, her torso features all manner of satchels, pockets and straps. The scientist features a lab coat and comes with the magnifying glass piece. The male explorer features a different torso, but is also looking prepared for adventure. Finally, the mechanic has a new torso that is very well designed, with nicely executed oil splodges.

bricktober (2)

The mechanic is notable because every other minifigure in this set uses elements from the City Jungle sets that were released over the Summer, with no exclusive or altered parts. The mechanic’s torso is exclusive to this set so far, but is likely to show up in City sets next year.

Of all of the Bricktober releases, this is the hardest one to recommend because fans of the theme will already have plenty of versions of these minifigures from the actual sets. While duplicates to help populate scenes can be useful, the price of this set is too high to make that worthwhile.

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