LEGO City 60186 Mining Heavy Driller review

LEGO City brings the Mining sub-theme to the range, a selection of new sets that includes the Mining Heavy Driller

Price: £39.99 / $49.99 / €39.99 Pieces: 294 Available: Now

The LEGO Group does not seem to have any trouble in bringing fans more and more LEGO City sets which are often reimagined from sub-themes that have previously run. The last Mining sets were launched back in 2012, so I guess revisiting the theme is reasonably well timed – this launch includes a Starter Set, and three other sets with 60186 Mining Heavy Driller sitting in the middle of the range.


The image on the box is very well executed and demonstrates immediately one of the main playable features of the set, showing the Heavy Driller eating into the mine cave with golden nugget elements flying from the mine as the working drill bit turns at pace. The nuggets, also known as Pearl Gold Rock, is a new part to this theme and features in every set.

60186 Mining Heavy Driller includes three minifigures – two miners and a female geologist. The geologist minifigure is the highlight of the set, with a printed torso and printed legs with printing that I can only imagine is supposed to depict kneepads. She also comes with a combined hair / hardhat which works well and the head is printed with eye protection, adding to the overall effect.

The equipment stand is a very straightforward build, including a shovel and dynamite accessories. The mobile lab machine is a little more involved and offers not only analysis equipment but also refreshment – geology is clearly thirsty work.

Elsewhere, the mine cave part of the set begins with two large mountain brick parts which form the bulk of the mine, while also providing some much needed stability for any over-zealous miners. The gold nuggets are all fixed to SNOT pieces so they can be easily mined as part of the play experience. The finishing touch is a glow in the dark spider sat on the mine, out of harm’s way.

The shovel loader vehicle is a simple but effective build with a tipping bed on the rear and shovel on the front, which also has the ability to move. The chunky wheels add to the overall aesthetic, giving the feel of a nimble but rugged vehicle.

Of everything in the box, the star of the set is clearly the heavy driller – it is an enjoyable build and also looks wonderful once complete. The build centres around the working drill bit, which is simply operated by turning a knob at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle includes sizeable wheels and a neat cabin in which one of the miners can sit. The drill bit on the front adds to the overall look, leaving you in no doubt as to the function of this vehicle. The use of motors and printed round tiles contrasts nicely with the yellow and red bricks. There’s a good balance of printed parts and fairly sparse use of stickers.

60186 Mining Heavy Driller includes enough component parts to make this good value while also delivering plenty of playability for set of this size. This set is my personal favourite from this sub-theme and is a great inclusion to the world of LEGO City.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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