LEGO City 60267 Safari Off-Roader review

LEGO City 60267 Safari Off-Roader takes a couple of minifigures into the wild to go nature-spotting

Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 Pieces: 168 Available: Now

In the LEGO City theme, ‘City’ is a loose term. And thank goodness it is. It means that sets like this can pop up and provide the long-term collector with something fresh to add to their real-world LEGO layout. 60267 Safari Off-Roader includes not only the elements to build the safari 4×4 but also the desirable lioness at a reasonable price point.

LEGO City 60267 Safari Off Roader

The set is built in the same way that pretty much every LEGO car has been constructed since the 1980s, but things have come a long way where the detailing is concerned. Little touches throughout the model, such as the way the Plate 1X2 with Slide element is used to create a ridge and the Harry Potter candle piece in black creates a bar, make this a nice, realistic looking vehicle rather than simply another child’s plaything.

All of the zebra-skin patterning, that makes it clear what the purpose of this off-roader is, comes in the form of stickers which require some patience to align correctly. Inside the 4×4, there is space for a driver and a couple more passengers or the safari-goers’ equipment. This vehicle has come a long way since the 1990 release of 6672 Safari Off-Road Vehicle.

Many fans will be drawn to this set by the lioness, which is exclusive to this set and comes as one piece. It is based on the mould used in 60161 Jungle Exploration Site and 60162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter, this time with simple printing only on the face. The big cat hunter features articulation at the hind legs and the neck, allowing for some fun poses.

Bringing some humour to the set is the way that the tree trunk disguise had been utilised. Building on the element means that the minifigures can disguise as a tree with a leaf, so authentic that a parrot has perched on it. It is a great, fun touch.

Two minifigures come in the set, both in safari-appropriate wear. The head choices are particularly good, as the male face can look scared of the lioness and the female face can look as though she is peering through the binoculars.

With this nice mix of a decent vehicle, desirable animal and fun accessory build, 60267 Safari Off-Roader is a set that is easy to recommend. The highlights that animals do not often come in sets this small, making the opportunity to get a big cat in £17.99 set one worth jumping at.

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