LEGO City: Doubling 60197 Passenger Train

LEGO City 60197 Passenger Train affords collectors an opportunity thee have not had for some time – a chance to make their train layout truly epic

Not since 10223 Horizon Express, the 2013 Creator Expert train, has there been an opportunity for collectors like that which 60197 Passenger Train offers. As noted in the Brick Fanatics Review, 60197 breaks with all previous City passenger trains and includes two carriages rather than two engines. One must go back all the way to 1999’s 4651 Railway Express to find the last non-special edition offering which boasted this trait. While perhaps not immediately obvious, this is fantastic news.

60197 Passenger Train BF 42


The reason for this is simple. Purchasing a second copy of 60197 Passenger Train means no carriage will be wasted. With any of the most recent trains, outside of the Horizon Express, purchasing two copies meant having only four useful carriages and two wasted engines. Getting a satisfyingly long train required either purchasing a third or even fourth copy of a set or paying top dollar for a separated carriage from third party sellers. In either case, it would cost an arm and a leg. Many of the engines contained large moulded parts which, while looking nice, were limited in their use within MOCs or other builds.

60197 Passenger Train erases that frustration. With two functioning carriages per set, a six car train can quickly be assembled. It is startling to see a colour coordinated train this long, due to how hard it was until this year to make such a thing happen. Additionally, since both engines have a motor, one can get their supersized people mover going extra fast around the track.

This is a welcome change, and ultimately the only way to make the set look absolutely spot on – after all, a cabin at either end of the train is the norm. Fans should be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to buy two copies of this set and put together a genuinely satisfying train.

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