LEGO City subthemes for 2018 rumoured

Rumours have cropped up suggesting the subthemes that may show up in the long-running LEGO City theme in 2018.

Sir von Lego has shared rumours on the Eurobricks message boards suggesting what may make up the majority of the LEGO City next year. The three subthemes names are Mountain Police, Mining and Great Vehicles.

It would not be the first time that LEGO City has visited the Mining subtheme, as it featured a variety of yellow mining vehicles in 2012. The Police subtheme has taken different approaches in recent years, with Forest Police and Swamp Police both taking the law enforcers to new settings – Mountain Police suggests something similar.

Great Vehicles refers to the £17.99 range of City vehicles that covers a broad range of ‘everyday life’ vehicles.

All rumours shared should be treated as such until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group.


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