LEGO CITY Summer 2017 set list

A list of LEGO CITY sets expected this Summer has been published by Hoth Bricks, based on listings found on The subthemes this year look to be both Jungle and Coast Guard, with a couple of general CITY themed sets too.

60154 Fun at the Beach
60154 Bus Station
60156 Jungle Buggy (€ 5.99)
60157 Starter Set Jungle (€ 9.99)
60158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter (€ 19.99)
60159 Mission Jungle with Half-track Vehicle (€ 29.99)
60160 Jungle Mobile Laboratory (€ 49.99)
60161 Jungle Research Station (€ 99.99)
60163 Coast Guards Starter Set (€ 9.99)
60164 Rescue Seaplane (€ 19.99)
60165 Rescue 4×4 Vehicle (€ 29.99)
60166 Rescue Heavy Helicopter (€ 49.99)
60167 Coast Guards Headquarters (€ 99.99)
60169 Freight Terminal (€ 74.99)

Coast Guard last appeared as a subtheme in 2013, while this will be the first time that a Jungle subtheme will be released under the LEGO CITY line. The Jungle subtheme seems to be similar to recent science-inspired second half CITY ranges, such as Arctic and Volcano.


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