LEGO City Undercover is back in 2017

TT Games has been digging into the back catalogue again, with LEGO City Undercover getting a re-release in Spring 2017. The game was, to the disappointment of many, released as a Wii-U exclusive in 2013 meaning that many players have missed out on one of the most critically acclaimed games in the LEGO franchise.

The re-release, presumably a remaster along the lines of the recent Harry Potter collection, will be released Spring 2017 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and STEAM. Further details have yet to be announced.

The game sees players explore an open world LEGO City as Chase McCain, having fun with the police genre and offering a much more family friendly open world than the likes of Grand Theft Auto, full of LEGO video game charm and humour.

The timing will coincide with the game’s central character, Chase McCain, joining LEGO Dimensions and returning to LEGO City sets in 2017. The character seemed to be a one-year deal back when the game was released, but clearly people at the LEGO Group and TT Games have some affection for the minifigure cop.


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