LEGO Classic 11022 Space Mission launches today in the US

The LEGO Group’s love-in with Space for its 90th anniversary continues (sort of) with 11022 Space Mission, which is now available online and in-store in the US.

It’s the sixth standard LEGO Classic set to hit shelves this year – so, excepting the four new baseplate SKUs and the polybag 30510 90 Years of Cars – and also happens to be the theme’s biggest set of all time at exactly 1,700 pieces. That’s a lot of space-themed goodness in a single box, although in classic LEGO Classic style, the majority of the pieces are generic enough to be used elsewhere too.

There are some more thematic elements in the mix, of course, from radar dishes to pylons, while the colours are also pretty interesting: teal, purple, magenta, coral and pearl gold are all comparatively rare, and there are decent quantities of each in 11022 Space Mission. As with most LEGO Classic sets, this one’s all about using your imagination, but inspiration is included for 10 mini-builds.

LEGO fans in the UK, Europe and elsewhere have been able to pick up 11022 Space Mission since June, but today marks the first time it’s been available in the US. You can order it now for just $69.99, which feels like a pretty good price for 1,700 pieces. Hit the link below to find it on the official online store:

11022 Space Mission

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