LEGO Classic is building towards its 2023 releases

The LEGO Classic theme will receive four new LEGO sets in March 2023, according to some new online product listings.

LEGO Classic offers a pure, back-to-basics building experience for the younger LEGO fan. It focuses on large, simple elements in a range of colours, allowing you to assemble a model quickly and easily. Several LEGO Classic sets are typically released each year, giving every new generation of LEGO fans a fresh starting point.

Brickmerge has posted early details of four LEGO Classic sets that are appearing next year. 11030 Large Creative Kit suggests a generic mix of elements, much as we’ve seen in the past. However, the other product names point towards some more overt theming. 11028 Pastel Creative Kit and 11027 Neon Creative Kit indicate a tighter colour palette, which may prove appealing to today’s young builders.

You can see all the product names, prices and release dates below. Sadly, there are no pictures of the sets at this time – but with 2023 fast approaching, they may make an appearance before too long.

Set namePriceRelease Date
11027 Neon Creative Kit€19.99March 2023
11028 Pastel Creative Kit€19.99March 2023
11029 Party Creative Kit€49.99March 2023
11030 Large Creative Kit€59.99March 2023

Brickmerge is generally speaking a reliable source for this kind of information, but we recommend waiting for an official LEGO Group announcement just in case.

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