LEGO classic computer becomes a reality

Any classic LEGO fan will remember the blue computer dashboard from older sets. Now see it life-size and in working condition.

YouTuber Dyoramic wanted a working version of the classic blue LEGO console, but couldn’t find anyone making one. So they did it themselves. The result was a functioning computer in the same style as the original element, six times the size.

The blue case is 3D printed and houses an ESP32 and a 1.5? OLED display. The top six of the nine buttons on the left-hand side are functioning, while the others are only for aesthetics.

Pushing working the buttons changes the display on the right, turning it from a cross into a radar screen. Switch modes enough and it will reveal space facts, a falling bricks game, and even the current date and time.

While it may not do all that a modern computer can, it’s still a neat creation to show off to fellow LEGO fans. It’s not every day you can press a few buttons and pretend like you’re a classic minifigure, about to send a brick-built rocket to space from a traditional plastic console. Click on the play button above to see how Dyoramic did it.

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