LEGO compatible furniture is on the way

An Italian design company is introducing LEGO compatible furniture.

Studio Nine, based in Italy, is introducing a new furniture collection inc ollaboration woth Corian called Stüda. The furniture intends to replicate the LEGO philosophy in several ways – it is customisable, the colours match and it is modular. Perhaps most importantly though, it is covered in studs compatible with LEGO bricks.

The range includes credenzas and storage cubes. “Creativity has no age,” Paolo Bellisario, one of Studio Nine’s founders, told Domino. “We believe that every age will have a different way of personalising it. Stüda is not only for kids and we are sure that letting children and adults interact together around it could bring some stunning results.”

It was Bellisario’s own LEGO fandom, and that of some of his staff, that led to the concept in the first place. “We simply wanted something creative, but useful; something we were using in our houses already.”

Production on the collection is set to start soon.


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