LEGO CON 2022 will have more set reveals than 2021

LEGO CON 2022 has been confirmed for more set reveals than the first event, offering us a glimpse of what to expect from the stream next month.

The FAQ and landing page for the 2022 event lists LEGO Minecraft, Super Mario, DOTS, Marvel, Collectible Minifigures, Harry Potter and Star Wars as a few of the themes receiving set reveals at the event, though there will be more as confirmed on

The website also promises that there will be more official set reveals than in 2021, and a recap of the events reveals what the LEGO Group considers to be model announcements, giving us a minimum number of new builds that we’ll see at LEGO CON 2022 next month.

According to the recap article, there were eight set reveals at LEGO CON 2021 from Harry Potter and Star Wars. That likely means that at LEGO CON 2022, we’ll be seeing at least nine new builds from the themes listed above and more.

It’s also been heavily teased that LEGO CON 2022 will host the reveal of the upcoming Avatar models and listings suggest that the first and second films are getting four builds between them.

LEGO CON 2022 takes place on YouTube on June 18 at 5pm in the UK, 12pm in New York and 9am in Los Angeles.

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