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If Comic-Con, E3 and dozens of other events prove anything, it’s that people love a convention. That explains why the LEGO Group has decided to get in on the action. LEGO CON is a recent initiative, dedicated to celebrating the plastic brick with a range of exciting events. 

Join us as we round up the latest developments, look back at the original event, and check out what LEGO CON 2022 has to offer.

LEGO CON latest news stories

Five rumoured sets we didn’t get to see at LEGO CON 2022
Although there were plenty of announcements at LEGO CON 2022, here are five rumoured sets we didn’t get to see at the event.

LEGO CON 2022 is getting a physical event in Australia
You might have assumed that LEGO CON 2022 was over, but the LEGO Group’s Australian division has other plans as a physical event is coming.

LEGO CON 2022 shirt launches to commemorate the second event
An unusual item has appeared on the official online LEGO Store as the first product dedicated to LEGO CON has been revealed.

How to unlock exclusive LEGO CON 2022 VIP rewards
A secret word hidden in the background of this year’s LEGO CON event is the key to unlocking a number of exclusive digital VIP rewards.

New LEGO NINJAGO Crystalized trailer revealed at LEGO CON
As well as the set reveals and other announcements, a new trailer for the second part of NINJAGO Crystalized was revealed at LEGO CON.

LEGO CON will be back in 2023
The curtain may have come down on LEGO CON for this year, but LEGO CON is already confirmed to be returning in 2023.

LEGO CON 2022 went down well with fans
LEGO CON 2022 is over and the second event dedicated to bricks appears to have been much more popular, judging by reactions on social media.

Everything that happened at LEGO CON 2022
LEGO CON 2022 lasted over two hours, so you’d be forgiven for not watching it all. However, there are quite a lot of announcements to go through.

LEGO show entire 2023 LEGO Star Wars set line-up at LEGO CON
It wasn’t exactly a reveal but the LEGO Group seemingly showed off the entire Star Wars 2023 line-up at LEGO CON 2022.

LEGO CON 2022 liveblog
LEGO CON returns for its second year, and according to the previously announced schedule, we’ll be getting exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming LEGO sets from a variety of ranges including Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

LEGO CON 2022 starts later today with set reveals and more
After weeks of waiting, LEGO CON 2022 is just hours away, promising a variety of set reveals, special guests and more brick-based content.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures and Games to appear at LEGO CON 2022
A new email from the LEGO Family team has confirmed that Collectible Minifigures and LEGO Games will both be at LEGO CON 2022.

Avatar guests confirmed for LEGO CON to reveal a new set
More signs are pointing towards a potential LEGO Avatar reveal at LEGO CON 2022 as two of the franchise’s crew are attending the event.

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Actor confirmed for LEGO CON 2022
Another guest has been confirmed for LEGO CON 2022 from the Harry Potter movies, joining the line-up for the second brick-based convention.

Nearly complete LEGO CON 2022 schedule confirmed
The LEGO Group has confirmed what seems to be a nearly-complete schedule of reveals and more content for LEGO CON 2022 on Instagram.

Avatar confirmed to be appearing at LEGO CON 2022
The official Avatar Twitter account has confirmed that the movie will be part of LEGO CON 2022 when the event takes place next weekend. 

We’re only one week away from LEGO CON 2022
There’s just one week to go until we’ll be watching LEGO CON 2022, leading us into the final countdown until the many various reveals at the event.

The hosts for this year’s LEGO CON event have been revealed
More LEGO CON 2022 news is emerging on an almost daily basis, with the official confirmation of who the hosts will be at the event on June 18.

Minecraft game director to appear at this year’s LEGO CON
It’s now been confirmed by the LEGO Group that Minecraft game director Agnes Larsson will be appearing at LEGO CON 2022.

LEGO CON teaser points to Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum reveal
The latest teaser for LEGO CON 2022 suggests that another set for Doctor Strange is coming, following reports of a Sanctum Sanctorum.

Could we see the reported LEGO Atari set at LEGO CON 2022?
With LEGO CON and Atari’s 50th anniversary around the corner, are we going to see the rumoured LEGO set unveiled soon?

Everything you can expect to see at LEGO CON 2022
LEGO CON 2022 is just over two weeks away, and teasers for the event continue to release, meaning we now have a good idea of what to expect.

LEGO teases 90th anniversary reveal at LEGO CON
The LEGO Group has teased an announcement related to its 90th anniversary at LEGO CON next month, which could just be the rumoured 10305 Lion King’s Castle.

Special VIP rewards will be available during LEGO CON 2022
VIP members will be getting access to special treatment at LEGO CON 2022 with unique rewards available during the livestream show.

Multiple new LEGO Star Wars sets confirmed for LEGO CON 2022
The LEGO Group has confirmed that multiple new LEGO Star Wars sets will be revealed at LEGO CON 2022, with ‘unprecedented behind-the-scenes access’ on the cards.


LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary resized featured

The 2022 edition of LEGO CON is landing on June 18 (which this year falls on a Saturday). Festivities start at 5pm in London, 12pm in New York and 9am in Los Angeles, with the show lasting approximately two hours overall. The entire thing will be streamed live on YouTube for free.

This should hopefully allow you to enjoy the events as easily as possible, regardless of which time zone you’re in. If you aren’t able to watch the show live, it will also be available to watch after it’s ended.

A wide mix of events have been confirmed so far for this year’s convention. These include a live LEGO MASTERS show, a segment filmed at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and interviews with professional LEGO designers. There will even be behind-the-scenes peeks at LEGO House (where the convention will be broadcast from again) and a dedicated LEGO CON news desk will be on hand to bring us updates during the show.

Other highlights include updates from LEGO Games and LEGO Friends, as well as a masterclass from within Pixar. A new partnership with the LEGO Group will also be announced, and celebrations for the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary will be officially launched.

Avatar The Way of Water logo

Crucially, more set reveals have been confirmed for this year’s convention; at least nine new sets will be making an appearance this time around. So far, we know that a wide mix of LEGO themes will be making an appearance at the convention – although not all of the sets featured in the convention may be new ones. 

The list of themes confirmed to appear at the convention includes Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends, Ideas, Marvel, NINJAGO, Minecraft, Technic, BrickHeadz, Super Mario and Avatar. This latter theme is a new arrival to the LEGO line-up, and will probably draw inspiration from the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water, alongside the original 2009 movie.

Like the original LEGO CON, there will be some interactive elements. Younger LEGO fans can use the LEGO Life app to participate in the convention, while older ones can use the #LEGOCON hashtag to communicate on social media platforms. 

LEGO VIP members can already benefit from LEGO CON activities. Several instruction booklets for LEGO CON builds (including device stands, couch caddies and a brick box) are now available for free in the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre. VIP members may also be able to purchase any revealed LEGO sets sooner than non-VIP LEGO fans.


LEGO CON logo featured

The original LEGO CON launched on June 26 at 5pm BST / 9am PT / 12pm ET. The event was filmed live from LEGO House – one of the LEGO Group’s tourist attractions – with Michelle Khare and Melvin Odoom on hosting duty. 

The show opened with a pre-show event, which gave the AFOL community a chance to shine. Six older LEGO fans took a moment to share some of their expertise, touching on subjects like stop-motion animation and drawing inspiration from the outside world.

The next segment of the show took us into outer space, and was hosted by a real-life astronaut. Mike Massimino discussed the NASA Artemis programme (designed to return humanity to the moon) and built a LEGO set in a simulated zero-gravity environment.

After this segment, the convention broadcast returned to LEGO House with an interactive element. Using an online tool, viewers of the broadcast were encouraged to submit designs for an in-house installation. 

These designs would later be turned into a physical product, and incorporated into a mural within LEGO House. DOTS design lead (and LEGO MASTERS judge) Amy Corbett was on hand to offer some design tips.

LEGO Harry Potter 76393 Harry Potter Hermione Granger

The show then proceeded to unveil some new sets in the LEGO Harry Potter theme. 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger is one of the more unusual releases in the theme, recreating Harry and Hermione at a larger scale than usual. Two LEGO designers also competed to build another set (76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets) as quickly as possible. 

Following a brief montage of ‘smashing’ moments on the LEGO MASTERS TV show, the convention took us on a brief tour of LEGO House itself. This offered us a peek at parts of the attraction we don’t normally see, including the backstage area of the Masterpiece Gallery. It also highlighted some of LEGO House’s top features, serving as a handy promotion for LEGO House itself. 

This advertisement was followed by a spotlight on a particularly ambitious LEGO creation: a life-size LEGO model of a Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. This car had already been recreated in a consumer-level product (42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37) with the larger model taking its cues from the design of that set. The video offered a detailed look at the car’s design process, and was certainly a good example of what LEGO is capable of. 

Following a brief segment on 21327 Typewriter, the LEGO Group shone a spotlight on its sustainability efforts. This is a cause the LEGO Group has been pursuing for some time, although it still has some progress to make in this area. However, the company did share one of its areas of exploration at the time – manufacturing LEGO bricks from recycled plastic bottles.

As we approached the end of LEGO CON 2021, we enjoyed a mix of set reveals and tributes to existing themes. The Minecraft and Super Mario themes received a spotlight on their play features and design philosophies. 

Viewers were also invited to vote on a LEGO minifigure to appear in a future Minecraft set. The Ninja won by a considerable margin; you can find them in 21183 The Training Grounds, opposite a purple-clad fighting companion. 

The Friends theme – a perennial favourite amongst LEGO fans – also got a chance to shine, with a featurette on one of its designers. The NINJAGO theme celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021, and a retrospective on its best moments to date was shared. 

After these, we finally got a reveal of another new LEGO set. 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser – a new entry in the Star Wars line – finally graced our presence, including a number of highly desirable minifigures like Moff Gideon and Fennec Shand. Ironically, the light cruiser itself earned a mixed critical reception in some instances. 

LEGO Star Wars 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser featured resized 2

Other LEGO Star Wars reveals included 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship and 75311 Imperial Armoured Marauder. Like the Imperial Light Cruiser, these also drew inspiration from The Mandalorian and included key characters like Boba Fett and Greef Karga.

Next up was a LEGO Technic challenge involving 6×6 Volvo 42114 Articulated Hauler. This pitted LEGO designer Samuel Tacchi and Volvo engineer Frida Jönsson against one another in a thrilling competition. Each person had to guide a LEGO hauler through an obstacle course, and deposit its cargo of jelly in a square at the finish line. 

As well as a suitable bit of humour for the show, the segment also acted as a neat showcase for the set’s functions. Its ability to drive around and tackle uneven terrain was advertised, as was its ability to deposit its cargo in a specific place. 

The show closed out proper with a closing party, which featured a performance from L.L.A.M.A – mascot for the ill-fated VIDIYO theme. This acted as another showcase for what the LEGO line-up was capable of, and featured the song Shake from L.L.A.M.A, Ne-Yo and Carmen DeLeon. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to give VIDIYO the shot in the arm it needed. 

LEGO CON reception

So, how was LEGO CON received amongst its viewers? That probably depended on what kind of LEGO fan you were. Younger audiences got on better with the convention thanks to its interactive elements, fun segments and building tips. Moments like the LEGO Technic jelly race were also entertaining, even if they weren’t explicitly aimed at the younger LEGO fan. 

For older LEGO fans, the show had a lot of content that didn’t directly appeal to us. Major reveals like the LEGO Star Wars sets had already been unearthed through other channels, while other activities like the LEGO DOTS mural maker were clearly aimed at the younger LEGO fan. Other segments on themes like Friends and NINJAGO were also of limited interest, even if these did – at times – help us understand the LEGO design process better.

The convention overall also suffered from technical issues, with several outages and resolution issues during the show. The choice of platform may have been an issue: failing to use any kind of live chat limited our ability to communicate. That said, the LEGO Group’s focus on its younger audience might account for this. 

As such – for better or worse – LEGO CON made it clear that serving the younger LEGO fan is its priority. However, it seems that LEGO CON 2022 may be addressing this imbalance. 


What is LEGO CON?

LEGO CON is a free online event hosted by the LEGO Group. It’s an opportunity for the company to share new LEGO set reveals, interviews with LEGO-related individuals and other events of interest to a range of LEGO fans. 

Where is LEGO CON taking place?

LEGO CON will primarily be broadcast from LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. Some segments of the show will be broadcast from other locations.

Can I attend LEGO CON myself?

No: LEGO CON is an online-only event. However, there may be an interactive element for LEGO fans to participate in.

When is LEGO CON taking place?

LEGO CON 2022 is launching on June 18 at 5pm in London, 12pm in New York and 9am in Los Angeles. It is projected to last approximately two hours. 

How do I watch LEGO CON?

LEGO CON 2022 will be streamed for free on YouTube. It can also be watched on the LEGO YouTube channel once the event is over.

Will new LEGO sets be revealed at LEGO CON?

We understand that at least nine new LEGO sets will be revealed at LEGO CON 2022.