LEGO Creator 3-in-1 is heading back into space in 2021

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Creator 3-in-1 is heading into space and going on safari in 2021, with four new rebuildable sets arriving in February and March.

The New Zealand consumer catalogue has revealed two new additions to the

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Group’s in-house theme, and given us a closer look at two previously-revealed sets. takes the action back into a galaxy probably quite close by, with a colour scheme to match this year’s .

, meanwhile, includes a brilliant brick-built giraffe, dog or crocodile, depending on which of its tree house, biplane or catamaran builds you opt for.

The safari theme continues with

, which we’ve already seen in low-res. The catalogue gives us a much better look at the ferocious beast, though, which takes great advantage of the LEGO Group’s many shades of yellow.

Finally, we’ve got a much better look at

, which continues the longstanding trend of beach houses in the Creator 3-in-1 theme. Alternate builds this time include a lighthouse and leisure centre.

31112 and 31118 will arrive in February, while we’ll have to wait until March for 31115 and 31116. The already-announced

will also arrive in February, according to the consumer catalogue.

If you prefer your Creator sets on the Expert side of things (regardless of whether the Creator Expert label actually exists anymore),

10278 Police Station

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will join the Modular Buildings Collection on January 1.

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