LEGO Creator Expert: Ranking the 2018 releases

With LEGO Creator Expert 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine officially unveiled, Brick Fanatics ranks this year’s luxury releases

The LEGO Creator Expert theme is packed with big, impressive builds for fans of the brick. It covers a range of subject matter that tends to appeal at the mature LEGO set connoisseur. With 2018 proving a fruitful year for the theme, the LEGO Group has unveiled 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine, to be released in November. Now that the full line-up has been announced, Brick Fanatics ranks the LEGO Creator Expert 2018 set…

5. 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine

LEGO Creator Expert 10268 VESPA Wind Turbine lf 3

This set makes total sense as a way for the LEGO Group to promote the sustainable agenda that the company is pursuing. The company is currently energy neutral and promising to only use sustainable materials by 2030. As a set though, this is not exactly one that fans have been clamouring for since it was originally released in 2008. Sure, it is an interesting oddity for some collectors, and a perfectly agreeable model, but it is hardly a must-have. It is so huge that it will overshadow any LEGO building around it, so it is not exactly going to fit into many layouts. While a nice curiosity of a set, it is the least appealing release in the Creator Expert line this year.

4. 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

LEGO Creator Expert 10263 WInter Village Fire Station 17 1

It is a testament to the ability of the design team that the charm of the Winter Village series is packed into this set, with a delightful assortment of sub builds complementing the main event. This is still worth owning, but the subject matter of a fire station struggles to live up to previous releases such as toy shops and bakeries. Christmas completists should buy it, those who do not need them all should put the money into something else on this list. So while still well worth owning and beautifully decorative, it does not fall higher on this list due to the odd choice of location.

3. 10260 Downtown Diner

10260 Prod

Put on the American Graffiti soundtrack when building this set to really capture the spirit of the era. Managing to fit a US inspired 1950s diner into the modular format is quite the achievement, with this model packing in all of the key aspects of the nostalgised eateries. Those who prefer the more European style architecture used for the majority of the series may not have so much love for this set, but it is another worthy entry in the long running subtheme.

2. 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

10262 WEB PRI

This set may have been released so that LEGO journalists could overuse quotes from Goldfinger, so pay attention. While the car may not be the perfect shape to match the Aston Martin DB5, it features a working ejector seat, rotating licence plate and pop-out machine guns. It is marvellous to see a set put the fun in functionality so successfully. It offers something fresh in the theme and is a reminder that not every brilliant set has to be in minifigure scale.

1. 10261 Roller Coaster

LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Rollercoaster 2

While this set may not be all about the intricate detailing that some advanced LEGO sets are, it is a large, impressive build that is a joy to play with. Particularly when Power Functions pieces are added, watching the car zip around the track provides more entertainment than most streaming services. If a roller coaster was released every year, this might not deserve the top spot, but given the unique nature of this release, it is this year’s must own Creator Expert set.

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