More magical creatures may be coming to LEGO Creator 3-in-1

A number of rumoured LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets for 2023 have appeared online, including a brick-built unicorn.

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 has proven one of the LEGO Group’s more versatile themes, offering a variety of models at different scales and price points. Now Stonewars has produced a potential list of new Creator 3-in-1 sets for the year ahead – and the results are intriguing.

One set that’s caught our eye is 31140 Magical Unicorn, joining the likes of 31125 Fantasy Forest Creatures in the ‘magic LEGO animals’ department. For fans of Alice in Wonderland 31133 White Rabbit may also be of interest, although the piece count suggests a rather large lagomorph.

The other rumoured animal sets tread familiar ground. 31136 Exotic Parrot and 31137 Cute Dogs touch upon subject matter the LEGO Group has explored on multiple occasions. However, their higher part counts suggest more detailed models than their predecessors.

There are a few gaps in the rumoured set list – and until official confirmation from the LEGO Group, all of this is speculation. Still, if you’re a LEGO animal lover, this bodes well for your collection.

The entire list of rumoured LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets can be found below. If these sets do exist, we’ll probably see them revealed shortly before they’re available for purchase.

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
30641 TBC83January 1, 2023
30642 TBC58January 1, 2023
30643TBC61March 1, 2023
30644TBC59January 1, 2023
30645 TBC78June 1, 2023
31133 White Rabbit€19.99258January 1, 2023
31134 Space Shuttle€9.99144March 1, 2023
31135 Vintage Motorcycle€14.99128March 1, 2023
31136 Exotic Parrot€24.99253March 1, 2023
31137 Cute Dogs€29.99475March 1, 2023
31138TBCTBCMarch 1, 2023
31139 Cozy House€59.99808March 1, 2023
31140 Magical Unicorn€9.99TBCMarch 1, 2023

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