LEGO Customer Service offers bricks for sale again

After taking the service offline for a period of time, the LEGO Group is now offering Bricks and Pieces again – a service that allows consumers to buy individual pieces.

Earlier this year, the LEGO Group closed down individual brick ordering, which had previously been offered along with replacement parts as part of the Customer Service offering at Now, service has resumed and consumers can go back to ordering as before.

Bricks and Pieces is a place to order individual LEGO parts from sets. Not all pieces available, but a decent selection are, including items such as the black solider’s hat from 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. This refreshed version of the service has a new interface.

LEGO bricks and pieces

Here is the official statement:

Continuing on the successful updates made to for United Kingdom / English and Spain / Spanish toward the end of 2019 and opening service for India just a month ago, we’ve finished moving our Customer Service site to the same platform used by the rest of For the most part, this has been a like-for-like transition of content, although there will be a noticeably differently look and feel.

While Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United States were opened previously for paid parts orders, we’ve also been able to coordinate reopening Bricks and Pieces sales with our warehouse for the following markets:

· Austria
· Belgium
· Czech Republic
· Denmark
· Finland
· France
· Hungary
· Ireland
· Italy
· Luxembourg
· Netherlands
· Norway
· Poland
· Portugal
· Spain
· Sweden
· Switzerland

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