LEGO cycle lanes criticised by Dutch cycling group

A Dutch cycling organisation has criticised the LEGO Group’s cycle lanes in a Facebook post and offered a new and improved alternative.

The Urban Cycling Institute claims that they asked the LEGO Group about adding “proper cycling infrastructure” to their models and allegedly got the response that the company “[does] not partake in ideological statements”. This was then shared on Facebook, understandably drawing some derision from users for apparently calling cycle lanes idealogical.

The main point of criticism from the organisation is that the cycle lanes created by the LEGO Group are too narrow and not realistic compared to actual cycle lanes. The builds that the Urban Cycling Institute have made from LEGO elements and printed materials are meant to be better examples of “people-centric streets”.

Urban Cycling Institute

“We welcome ideas and feedback from our fans, and we are committed to developing our LEGO City sets in a way that ensures they are representative of the world in which children are living,” responded the LEGO Group in a statement to, when asked about the Urban Cycling Institute’s criticism.

“In January 2021, we introduced a new modular road plate system in LEGO CITY which allowed us to include bike lanes and other building elements as part of the play experience. The new road plate system is highly modular and versatile so you can easily add more elements to your play, such as bike lanes if you choose to do so.”

Cycle lanes are available in a recent LEGO CITY set, 60306 Shopping Street. Still, the Urban Cycling Institute isn’t the only one who thinks they could still be added to, as creator MarcelSteeman expanded on them in his LEGO Ideas entry that gained 10,000 supporters. This means it made it into the review stage and could later become an official LEGO product.

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4 thoughts on “LEGO cycle lanes criticised by Dutch cycling group

  • 02/09/2021 at 11:10

    who cares. most Lycra wearing lads don’t even know what a cycling path is anyway ?????

  • 31/08/2021 at 13:12

    These bike lanes are same wide as cars and lego bikes are same wide as cars, so why anyone would want to get a same size bike as car. In car you may do anything – take family, get shopping, help parents – on bicycle you can take only your own if youre young and healthy (of course with rare exceptions of older bikers).

    There is nothing wrong in cycling like nothing wrong in using the cars. The wrong is ideological push of cycles to people when they do not want them.

    These bikes lanes on Lego are even to wide for me. The more narrow cycle leans would more describe the real usage of bikes.

  • 30/08/2021 at 15:48

    It’s Lego…. Build it yourself. Honestly, Humans, how did we manage to get this far?

  • 28/08/2021 at 16:24

    This is what the cycle group is fighting over. It is a toy and there are real problems in the world


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