LEGO DC Super Heroes 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle

As the next movie set in the DC universe is about to be released, so are the relevant supporting LEGO sets – including 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle, due for release on May 1.

Entertainment Weekly shared the first images of this new set, that includes both Wonder Woman herself and sidekick Steve Trevor. The description from the website reads:

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine get minifigure transformations in “Wonder Woman Warrior Battle,” which throws Gadot’s sword-wielding Amazonian warrior Diana Prince and Pine’s American pilot Steve Trevor smack into what looks to be a major disagreement with Ares, the god of war and one of Wonder Woman’s chief antagonists.

It’s another giant minifigure, as was previously seen in the Marvel Super Heroes line. it is hard to tell from the images whether the parts are printed pieces or stickers – most fans will be hoping for the former.

The current LEGO DC Super Heroes sets are available to buy from


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