LEGO Design Master presents Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground

In a new video, the LEGO designer behind LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground reveals the set’s hidden secrets.

LEGO Design Master Raphael Pretesacque introduces LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground in a new designer interview. In the video, he shows off the set, explains a little about the design process and reveals how it expands with the associated app.

At London Toy Fair, 70432 Haunted Fairground won the coveted 2020 Editor’s Choice Award.

Brick Fanatics reviews LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground

Using the roller coaster track pieces, the set offers two rides; a traditional track with a car running down it and a vertical ride that sees minifigures flying upwards towards a clown face. Like all sets that have been taken over by the Hidden Side, there are functions to activate.

“The set started by having a few concepts developed and presented. This set went through different designers, started by Yi-Chien [Cheng], a colleague, and also Niek [van Slagmaat], another colleague, and it ended up by me finishing the set so there are a lot of different ideas that were implemented that actually makes it very funny to play with because it was not just one brain but three,” the designer explains.

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