LEGO Designer Andrew Woodman talks Technic

The well known LEGO set guide, Brickset, has published an interview with LEGO Technic Senior Design Manager, Andrew Woodman. The model maker talks about a number of recently released Technic sets, focusing on 42056 Posche 911 GT3 RS.

The interview was conducted in the context of the gearbox issues that were identified when the Porsche was released. Although nothing was added to that debate, Andrew explained more generally compromise and its place in the design process.

In general, with any design project, you never have enough time to get it exactly right. If you talk to any designer anywhere, they’ll agree that you need a deadline in the process to force you to actually stop designing. You want to keep going up until the very last moment. I think that any LEGO designer will tell you that if they take any model off the shelf they have a way to make it better, and it will be the same with everything, there’s always a way to make something better

Further on in the interview, he clarified that Porsche were interested in more than just the look of the model.

Porsche take pride themselves on the engineering quality and the technical solutions that they come with. They are the inventors of so many technologies that we take for granted and they’re really amazing at coming up with technical solutions. So when we sat down with them at the beginning and talked about doing this project, it was very much about LEGO and Porsche working together.

To read the full interview with Andrew Woodman, discussing new Technic elements and why vehicles come first, visit



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