LEGO designer reveals the secret to building upside down with Stranger Things

LEGO Senior Model Designer Justin Ramsden explains the secret to building upside down, as he had to when developing the impressive Stranger Things set

With the popularity of Stranger Things, it is no surprise that many fans of the Netflix show are also fans of the LEGO brick. Once they got a sense that the show would be getting a LEGO set, those devotees were keen to see a release that included key characters and references from the series.

But capturing a series like Stranger Things is about more than just releasing another set referencing an existing story – it is about capturing what makes that story unique. In the case of Stranger Things, an entirely other world exists beneath the character’s feet – as revealed in a clever camera move.

That meant that LEGO Senior Model Designer had to build 75810 The Upside Down, well, upside down. In Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 7, he explains how he and his colleagues came up with a solution that allows the Byers’ house to literally be built in two opposing directions. Justin did more than just figure the stability out, he put in some other little touches to ensure that the upside-down theme continues throughout the model.

To find out what went into this upside-down LEGO marvel, order a copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 7 – or to get these exclusive behind-the-scenes stories every month, order a subscription and enjoy free postage along with a free issue.


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