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The second wave of LEGO Dimensions sets have just landed and the most anticipated of the range is the Doctor Who Level Pack, not only is it the first LEGO set available to feature The Doctor it also brings all-new Doctor Who content to the main LEGO Dimensions game. For those who played through the main story of LEGO Dimensions, you’ll have already experienced a little bit of The Doctor’s charm and wit, but the Level Pack puts you firmly in control on the TARDIS and The Doctors many different shoes. For this review. I’ll be taking a look at both the physical LEGO elements of the Pack along with the in-game content including both the new level to playthrough and the Adventure World.

Official description

Enter the LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ multiverse with The Doctor!

Add time and space to your LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ experience with this exciting Doctor Who Level Pack. Build the time-travelling hero, The Doctor, attach him to the LEGO Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game. Help him carry out his daring plan to rewrite the future in a self-rescue mission that will save the Universe! Use The Doctor’s in-game abilities to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, and add the rebuildable 3-in-1 TARDIS™ and K-9 to boost your gameplay. Includes The Doctor buildable minifigure with his sonic screwdriver.

  • Includes The Doctor buildable minifigure with his sonic screwdriver and rebuildable 3-in-1 TARDIS and K-9.
  • Unlocks the exclusive Doctor Who “An Adventure in Space and Time” level.
  • Minifigure and models include a detachable LEGO Toy Tag.
  • Rebuild the TARDIS into a Laser-Pulse TARDIS and Energy-Burst TARDIS.
  • Rebuild K-9 into a K-9 Ruff Rover and K-9 Laser Cutter.
  • Place The Doctor and models on the LEGO Toy Pad and join the action in the game.
  • Use The Doctor’s Hacking, Technology, Fix-it and Doctor Regenerate abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies.
  • Play this exclusive level with any of your LEGO DIMENSIONS characters.
  • TARDIS measures over 2” (7cm) high, 1” (3cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep (alternative 3-in-1 builds vary in size).
  • K-9 measures over 1” (5cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide (alternative 3-in-1 vehicle builds vary in size).

The Set

LEGO Dimensions has surprised many by its use of all new parts, including fully printed elements and of course introducing IPs and characters to the world of LEGO before they appear anywhere else. The LEGO Doctor Who Level Pack is first place to get hold of The Doctor minifigure ahead of the release of the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set in December. Quite nicely it’s a different minifigure too, with other sets such as the Back to the Future Level Pack including a previously available minifigure. Here The Doctor is clad in the get up first seen on all the 12th Doctor announcement material, so velvet blue suit with red lining. The minifigure also introduces two new LEGO elements – The Doctors hair piece and the Sonic Screwdriver. His Toy Tag base also features the TARDIS-shaped Doctor Who logo.


The two mini builds include the TARDIS and K-9, whose inclusion is partially impressive considering the rights to the character are not held by the BBC (which is why we got an awful K-9 TV show on Channel 5 in 2011) Both builds aren’t overly involved but they are both equally impressive in the own way. The TARDIS for example includes fully printed elements on all four sides to show the details of the Police Box’s panels. I also like how the central part of the TARDIS seems to feature a micro core, made up of various coloured studs even though you can’t see them. K-9 is a little oversized compared to The Doctor, but looks just like he should (not like that awful thing in that Channel 5 show). Made mainly of light grey pieces, there is a 1×2 printed tile on one side featuring the K-9 logo, I also like how the side panels are hinged so they can be angled inwards to achieve K-9’s unique shaped.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 20151105181820

Both builds include a blank Toy Tag so there can be written into the game once built. They can also be rebuilt into two additional alternate models. Although they are nothing compared to the original builds, they do offer different abilities. Within the game K-9 can be ridden and has a fire ability with the TARDIS acting a flying craft, which can also access time pads dotted around the game. These pads have revealed the possible inclusion of The Flintstones and The Jetsons to the LEGO universe in the future, with the TARDIS touching down in Bedrock and the Little Dipper School, oddly during The Simpsons levels.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 20151105100605

The Game

Once The Doctor minifigure is active on the Toy Pad you gain access to both the Doctor Who level and the Doctor Who Adventure World. Both feature completely different content from that of the main story. The Doctor Who level – The Dalek Extermination of Earth, takes place across various different locations and times. With the Daleks back once again to cause mayhem, gameplay is identical to the other parts of LEGO Dimensions, but you can travel across time to carry out tasks which will effect the same location in the future. This adds a fun new element to the game, although it’s quite limited. The Adventure World has a lot more Who action to experience, there are a number of worlds to visit each of which then shift into the same reality to create one big area. So there’s London, Victorian London, Telos, Skaro, Mars and Trenzalore, each filled with characters from across the modern day Doctor Who series.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 20151104210518

Although The Doctor doesn’t travel with a companion in LEGO Dimensions, many of his time traveling chums are present, these include Clara, Missy, Strax, Madame Vastra and Captain Jack. All of whom are fully voiced by the original cast, not just audio lifted from episodes either brand new VO. 20th Century Fox and the overpaid cast of The Simpsons should take, this is how you should treat your characters. The BBC should be commended for allowing Tt Games access to the cast and full assets from the TV. This level of details runs through every element of the game, it’s been widely reported that all of The Doctors known incarnations are present. Once a Doctor ‘dies’ he regenerates into his next form so every one from Hartnell to Tennant is playable in the game, even the War Doctor is in the mix. Better still every single one has audio lifted old episodes, with the current Doctor having unique VO recorded just for the game, some of which connected to other characters.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 20151107193934

It doesn’t stop there, the TARDIS interior and even the theme tune changes to reflect the current form of The Doctor. Step into the Police Box as the First Doctor and you’ll be greeted by a monochrome LEGO recreation of the first TARDIS. Pop in as the War Doctor and the box with the button can be built, even interiors which are the same across Doctors have little nods to the Who universe. The 9th Doctors TARDIS is the same for 10th Doctors, but enter as the 10th Doctor and you’ll see a minifigures hand in a glass box. Even each Doctors attack is different, the 2nd Doctor attacks with his flute and the 12th Doctor breaks out a spoon.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20151107194749


There have been quite a lot of negative comment directed at the LEGO Level Packs, which many suggest are overpriced LEGO sets or something which could be sold merely has DLC. Both valid arguments until you actually play both the level and Adventure World, then when you see just how much effort has been put into just a small part of the game, you’ll see it’s been worth every penny. You can tell Tt Games love Doctor Who almost has much as LEGO and it’s clearly shows from the music, voice overs and plenty of in-jokes.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20151107195045

There are a few issues which are quite disappointing, the Doctor Who Level suffers from a few crashing problems and at one point my entire LEGO Dimensions save became corrupted meaning I’d lost not just progress in the Doctor Who level but the entire game. Thankfully my saves are all backed up to PlayStation Plus, so I didn’t lose too much. These issues will hopefully be fixed via a patch but for now is does impact the enjoyment of an otherwise incredible piece of LEGO Videogaming. In fact I loved it so much I really, really want a full LEGO Doctor Who game.

LEGO Dimensions is available now along with the first two waves of additional sets including the Doctor Who Level. Wave Two also includes the LEGO Ninjago Team Pack and Unikitty, Bart Simpsons and Krusty the Clown Fun Packs and are available from all good toy and game retailers, both in-store and online.


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