LEGO Dimensions Gameplay Videos

LEGO Dimensions is nearly here and if you’re not excited by now maybe these gameplay videos from IGN will spark the excitement juices. IGNs Jose Otero is joined by TT Games Jonathan Smith and Doug Heder of Warner Bros. to take an extended look at The Simpsons and Portal 2 portions of LEGO Dimensions. If you’re wanting to head into the LEGO Multiverse with fresh eyes the two videos below may be considered spoilers so don’t watch them. However if you want to see LEGO Homer, Chell and gang in form take on the evil Lord Voltron grab some popcorn and get watching. You can also head on over to IGN to check out their LEGO Dimensions coverage on the run up to it’s launch.

Just in case you may of forgotten LEGO Dimensions hits PS3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U on Tuesday September 29th


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