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We’ve heard little of the next wave of LEGO Dimensions, as in nothing at all! but that has kinda changed but please, please take what’s wrote with a pinch of salt. The news comes via Reddit the first from a user who’s account has since been deleted. The post contains images showing in game footage of Green Arrow and Supergirl in the game hub in front of the Dimension portal. According to this users he obtained said images by tampering with the set’s toy pads and a little bit of NFC know-how. What he discovered opened a Pandora’s box of questions and speculations about LEGO hit toys-to-life games.

This is not the first time a post like this surfaced over the Internet. Reddit user Ohnoto said it succinctly: “This isn’t the first post with someone stating they have at minimum “reverse-engineered” the game to discover some upcoming unannounced characters.

I don’t need any validity or proof, personally. We have spoiler tags for a reason, for posts like this.I can’t stress enough to everyone to take any and all “spoilers” with a grain of salt. These could be upcoming characters, or these could have been cancelled characters originally meant to be in series 1, or files used from Lego Batman were used to save on coding and has these characters remaining in the data files.

Ultimately, we just don’t know until Series 2 is officially announced.

Those creating the game spend a lot of time making a game that will be enjoyable. Personally, I would not spoil anything, but wait until those creating the game want to reveal it, on their own time and when they are ready.”

Another compelling argument in favor to the existence Supergirl and Green Arrow in LEGO Dimensions came from Reddit user RamperRamps. According to his post, his discovery did not involve any fancy hacking or modification. He was just trying to look for some replacement parts for his LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack 71170 for PlayStation 3 over at LEGO’s Replacement Parts service. When he typed the set’s code 71170, he some pieces which have not been released yet in any LEGO Dimensions set, particularly these ones:


If you refer to the list of LEGO Dimensions packs that have been released so far you might notice that four packs are missing. These are 71208, 71224, 71225, and 71226. We have no idea what these packs are called nor why the weren’t released with all the other packs. One rumor is that these sets were cancelled at last moment. If so, one of these packs would be the one featuring Supergirl and Green Arrow. If they were cancelled and pushed for a later release, then this would explain why some parts are featured in the replacement system for the Starter Packs.

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