LEGO Creator Reviews


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With a name like Creator, there is really only one job that the yellow-boxed theme has to do. Inspire creativity. A common criticism of modern LEGO sets, which is usually made by nostalgists mis-remembering their childhood rather than LEGO fans, is that back in the day boxes of bricks were sold without instructions. The conceit goes that such boxes are about creativity, while the instruction-based sets are not.   LEGO fans know this is not the case, with the instruction-based sets offering great tips and techniques on how to build with the pieces contained in the box. That experience then unlocks the builder’s creativity, as they can repurpose the original model into whatever they desire.   The modern iteration of LEGO Creator is the best example of how this works. Nearly every set offers three different models that can be built using the bricks within the box, with the ‘3 in 1’ logo proudly emblazoned on the packaging. The bricks included also tend to be easier to rebuild something new with than those found in other themes.   It was around 2004 that Creator really came into its own, with 4886 Building Bonanza appealing to fans as it built a minifigure scale house, offering a level of scale and accuracy that did not tend to be found in City. Houses became a mainstay in the theme, with new editions such as 4956 House coming every year or so, although in recent years they have become significantly smaller.