LEGO Disney Lightyear movie sets rumoured for 2022

A new rumour for three LEGO Disney sets in 2022 has surfaced, said to be focusing on the upcoming Pixar Buzz Lightyear spin-off movie.

Greekbricks on Instagram is reporting to have information discerning a trio of LEGO Disney 2022 models themed to Lightyear, a 2022 Disney Pixar movie based around Buzz Lightyear.

Announced in 2020, Lightyear will tell the tale of Buzz Lightyear, but not the toy version that has been seen in films before. Instead, the film is exploring the in-universe franchise that inspired the action figure with Buzz Lightyear being played by Chris Evans.

LEGO Toy Story 10770 Buzz Woodys Carnival Mania

The rumour states that three LEGO sets for the movie will release in summer 2022. The smallest is said to be 76830 at $19.99, followed by 76831 at $29.99 and the largest, 76832 at $49.99. Greekbricks believes these to be 4+ models, but lego_club_news states that they are not.

The character, or at least the toy version, has received multiple minifigures before but most recently in the wave of builds based on Toy Story 4 from 2019. The Buzz Lightyear minifigure featured a unique element for the wings, helmet and chest piece. However, previous iterations from 2010 also included a special brick for the head. This would later be switched for a standard minifigure head in Collectible Minifigures 71012 Disney Series 1.

Lightyear is planned to release on June 17, 2022, but the reported sets have yet to be confirmed by the LEGO Group or Disney. For now, treat any information you read with the usual caution. You can read our review of 10770 Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania!, which contained a minifigure of the character, here to see what you might be able to expect next year.

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