LEGO Disney: The five largest sets

What is more magical than a Disney moment? A Disney moment captured in LEGO bricks. Brick Fanatics counts down the five largest sets LEGO Disney sets ever released

In 2014, LEGO sets got an extra sprinkling of Pixie dust, when an ongoing Disney theme was introduced. Now, fans can capture those magical moments in beautiful models that reference many of the beloved Disney stories.

As the theme started to offer Disney theme park inspired sets, the piece count bigger than ever, with something for the adult enthusiast to spend many evenings putting together.

Brick Fanatics counts down the five largest LEGO Disney sets ever released.

5. 41154 Cinderella’s Dream Castle
Piece count: 585
Year of release: 2018


Like its much bigger sibling, 71040 Disney Castle, this set is inspired by the iconic Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 41154 isn’t the most detailed set, but the pumpkin cart is a nice nod to the original film, and the many furnished rooms are perfect for role-play. As it is modular it could be reconfigured with a few clicks of some bricks, almost as easily as a Fairy Godmother waving her wand.

41154 also includes a unique Prince Charming mini-doll, making it one of only two sets to ever include the character. It is based on his appearance when dancing with a mystery princess wearing glass slippers.

4. 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle
Piece count: 646
Year of release: 2014


Poor Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother was working overtime for this princess, not only creating her ballgown and carriage but also a romantic honeymoon location. 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle is packed inside from floor to rafters with accessories, including a rotating dance-floor, garden party complete with LEGO cakes and even a swing that could have been inspired by the famous painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (in which the girl also loses a slipper).

41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle was the first castle released in this theme, and even now, six years later, remains one of the best at this scale.

The five largest ever LEGO sets

3. 41148 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace / 43172 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace
Piece count: 701
Year of release: 2017


It seems that the LEGO Group couldn’t let it go with 41148 Elsa’s Magical Ice Castle, which was the only LEGO Disney set to be re-released with no alterations as 43172 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 2019. It is a fantastic snowy recreation of the palace Elsa created in the film, using plenty of trans-blue to imitate ice, along with stickers to depict magical crystal patterns. It certainly takes some creative license with the LEGO slide element, but that just adds to the fun of the set.

It is also the only LEGO Frozen set to come with Elsa’s door bouncer Marshmallow, brilliantly brick-built and fully poseable through the use of several ball-joint pieces.

2. 71044 Disney Train & Station
Piece count: 2,925
Year of release: 2019


Taking the piece count almost as high as Thunder Mountain, 71044 is based on the instantly recognisable locomotive and station from the entrance to Disneyland in California. Practically every detail, no matter how small, is included in 71044 Disney Train & Station, from trash cans in the waiting room to plush armchairs in the train cars, and even a sneaky micro-scale reference to 71040.

Although this is a fantastic build that surprisingly never gets repetitive, what really steals the show is the fantastic selection of minifigures, particularly the debut of clumsy Goofy in his signature floppy green cap and orange waistcoat, who finally completes the Mickey Mouse gang.

1. 71040 Disney Castle
Piece count: 4,080
Year of release: 2016


Before 2016, all LEGO Disney sets had been small and aimed at young fans solely for play purposes. Then along came 71040 Disney Castle, which takes the piece count to infinity and beyond, whilst also placing it as the thirteenth largest LEGO set of all time (or tenth, eleventh, twelth – depending how you define ‘LEGO set’).

Everything about 71040 is bold yet elegant, just like its real world counterpart. However good it looks on the outside though, it is the interior that makes it so much fun to build. Many of the classic Disney animated features, and even a few modern ones, are referenced in some way, all finished off with a sprinkling of pixie dust in the form of a sparkling minifigure Tinker Bell.

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