LEGO DOTS summer 2020 set images

A new wave of LEGO DOTS sets is on the way on June 1, with official images now available.

LEGO DOTS launched in March this year, with the theme set to continue in June with a new wave of products. Eight new sets are on the way, with galleris of official images now published at showcasing the upcoming releases.

There are a mix of sets – three new bracelets are coming alongside a multipack of four bracelets. There will also be three new home decor items along with a new bag of extra tiles.

Throughout the sets are new printed elements that will have appeal beyond the arts and craft audience LEGO DOTS is primarily targeting.

Here are the new products that are on the way in June:

41907 Desk Organizer

41911 Go Team! Bracelet

41913 Bracelet Mega Pack

Designing LEGO DOTS: Exclusive Amy Corbett interview

41914 Creative Picture Frames

41915 Jewelry Box

41916 Extra DOTS – Series 2

41917 Magic Forest Bracelet

41919 Power Bracelet

The theme is a new entry by the LEGO Group into the arts and craft market, with a mix of brick-built home décor items and wearable bracelets that can be covered with 1×1 LEGO tiles – also known as DOTS. The products were first revealed at a launch event that also saw the opening of the HOUSE OF DOTS, a collaboration between the LEGO Group and artist Camille Walala.

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